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Medication Technician

Assistance with Self-Administered Medications in Florida

When Florida residents can no longer manage their own medications in an Assisted Living facility (ALFs) and/or home health setting, they rely on Med Techs to assist them. Our Med Tech certification course provides students with six (6) hours of training regarding proper protocols and procedures to follow as a Med Tech in an Assisted Living Facility (ALF) or in a home health setting.

Medication technicians typically work under the supervision of nurses. They also keep detailed records of the medications prescribed to patients and the side effects patient experience after receiving medications.

Emerj Health's Med Tech is taught by a Registered Nurse and our curriculum focuses on the six rights of medication administration and the regulations concerning prescription medications that include the following:

  • State law and rule requirements with respect to the supervision, assistance, administration, and management of medications in assisted living facilities and/or home health setting.

  • Procedures and techniques for assisting the resident with self-administration of medication including how to read a prescription label.

  • Providing the right medications to the right resident.

  • Common medications.

  • The importance of taking medications as prescribed.

  • Recognition of side effects and adverse reactions and procedures to follow when residents appear to be experiencing side effects and adverse reactions.

  • Documentation and record keeping

  • Medication storage and disposal.


After successful completion of the certification course you will be prepared to:

  • Read and understand a prescription label.

  • Provide assistance with oral medication including measuring liquid solutions and suspensions, break scored tablets, and crush tablets as directed by prescription order.

  • Provide assistance with topical forms of medication for skin eye, ear, and nose; including creams, lotions, ointments, patches, Opthalmic drops and ointments, optic solutions, and nasal drops, sprays, inhalers, and diskus forms.

  • Assist with self-administration of insulin pens.

  • provide assistance with oxygen via nasal cannula, nebulizers and CPAP machines.

  • Obtain vital signs as directed.

  • Assist with application and removal of anti-embolic stockings (TED hose).

  • Assist with colostomy bags.

  • Perform blood glucose checks with the use of glucometer;

  • Complete a Medication Observation Record (MOR).

  • Retrieve, store, and dispose of medication properly.

  • Recognize medication order which requires judgement and advise the resident, resident's health care provider, or facility employer of the unlicensed caregiver's inability to assist in the administration of such orders.

  • Recognize the general side effects of medications and classes of drugs and the need to report adverse drug events. 

After successful completion of the training course, you will receive your six (6) hour Med Tech Certification that is valid for twelve months (1 year) from the date of your course completion date. 

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